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Industrial Hygiene

TMC possesses the requisite work experience, professional credentials and certifications, and industrial knowledge to comprehensively assess companies’ occupational risks to exposures and injuries, and achieve compliance through adopted audit procedures, air quality assessments, and ventilation systems.

Working within the pharmaceutical industry, TMC recognizes a facility’s need to have a strategy to evaluate risk in potent compound manufacturing and determine the appropriate engineering controls required to prevent or minimize employee exposure. This planned strategy will also determine if current or planned purchase of equipment will operate at appropriate containment levels. This planned strategy begins with a process surrogate in accordance with the established industry guidelines.

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Environmental Compliance
Respiratory Program Fit Testing 
EHS Management Systems

TMC provides a team of experienced environmental experts to achieve compliance with complex environmental laws and regulations, policies and procedures and adopted guidance documents to assist companies obtain, modify, renew or transfer permits and licenses, adhere to wastewater and storm water management programs, proper handling and disposal of of hazardous and special waste, plant closures and remediation project. 

TMC has developed customized environmental compliance training are required under these respective regulations, programs, and permits.

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Under ordinary workplace practices and tightening requirements to address COVID, the need for properly fitted masks and respirator selection is more important than ever.  TMC is able to serve as companies' resource to provide required onsite fit-testing, employee training and demonstrations. 

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Through applying TMC’s unique experiences, acquired knowledge and understanding regarding an industry’s unique processes, products, TMC’s professional team members provide customized written programs to meet the OSHA laws, regulations and guidelines or provide standardized templates that offers the ability to modify these plans in a manner to meet corporate goals and objectives along with OSHA established requirements.

In today's competitive market effective Health and Safety Management Systems (HSMS) are essential to to ensure corresponding processes are in place to maximize compliance efforts.


TMC recognizes that the HSMS parallels OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) and prepares organizations for VPP application and successful Merit or Star awards under OSHA’s program.

With command understanding and experience with OSHA laws and regulations, TMC provides clients with customized written safety programs, employee training, and program implementation documentation.

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Tara Management Consulting (TMC) is a women-owned small business enterprise created to provide professional environmental, health and safety (EHS) services to commercial and manufacturing industries, lending institutions, development organizations, and legal communities.  Our mission is to provide personal attention to our clients’ individual needs through a cost effective, customized, results oriented consulting service.   Our professionals have the extensive experience, professional credentials,  and skills necessary to provide aggressive cost conscious services to meet our clients’ needs on a timely basis. We can package clients’ EHS services as individual project based compliance program or serve as your EHS department, available through contract service agreements.


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