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Air Compressors


Your Team's safety is our number one priority. We want to work with you and your team to make your working environment the safest it can be -- That is why we offer a wide variety of services. 

Safety Services​:

  •  OSHA compliance analysis and inspection /violation assistance

  •  Health and safety management systems

  •  Certified safety professional (CSP)

  •  Written program development

  •  Safety training

  •  Facility compliance audits

  • Ergonomics

Indoor Air Quality:

TMC’s team of certified industrial hygienists provides comprehensive Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) services, from initial screening, air sampling/testing, problem building resolutions, and investigations. Through these technical services, TMC will also assist to develop baseline building air quality assessments.

The scope of TMC’s IAQ services include:

  • IAQ investigations

  • Comprehensive Airborne Containment Monitoring

  • Vapor Intrusion Sampling/Monitoring

  • VOC's, CO2, carbon monoxide levels

  • Mold and Moisture Investigation

  • Ventilation Assessments

  • IAQ Management plans

  • Post Remediation Sampling

Air Monitoring Services:

  •  Beryllium exposure assessment and control: 

    • TMC provides experienced professionals to assist in the development and execution of exposure monitoring for beryllium. TMC possess professional experience in this specialized area that serves as the basis to recommend engineering controls and compliance plans to meet the new OSHA proposed Beryllium standard.

  •  Workplace exposure monitoring

  •  Indoor Air Quality (mold, radon, lead, abestos)

  •  Noise Surveys

  •  Annual monitoring programs

  •  Certified industrial hygiene (CIH) services

Hearing Conservation and Noise Monitoring:

TMC provides a wide range of noise monitoring and hearing conservation services that includes sound level measurements and hearing conservation program development. TMC professionals are available to conduct personal noise dosimetry and sound level surveys to determine if employee exposures to noise exceed the OSHA Action Level or permissible exposure levels (PELs) or exposure limits that require the enrollment in a Hearing Conservation Program (HCP), use of hearing protection devices (HPDs) and/or the implementation of engineering and administrative controls to minimize employee exposure to noise in the workplace.

TMC is available to assist with the proper selection and design of hearing protection devices and engineering and administrative controls along with the development of required employee training and annual monitoring.

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